Assessment & Learning 評估與學習 (Issue 3) Full version (PDF format): [Download]

Assessment & Learning 評估與學習 (Issue 3) Download by chapter (PDF format):

Foreward Maurice Galton
What is 21st Century Learning – and What Part Does Classroom Assessment Play? Gordon Stobart
促進學習的評估原則及指標 張淑賢
評估學生在小班的學習 陳錦榮
Chinese Language
閱我深意:文言作品師生互動閱讀教學課程成效 羅燕琴、林偉業、
以中文科寫作教學探討雲端運算提升促進學習評估的效能 羅玉婷、張淑賢
評估促進自主學習的中文科讀寫結合課程實施 莊欣惠、何嘉儀
English Language
Assessment as Learning in the Language Classroom Icy Lee & Pauline Mak
Enhancing Learners’ Metalinguistic Awareness of Language Form: The Use of eTutor Resources Paul Sze &
Flora Fung Yin Leung
Designing Assessment Tasks with Language Awareness: Balancing Cognitive and Linguistic Demands Yuen Yi Lo & Angel Lin
Meeting Challenges of E-learning, Learner Differences and Learner Autonomy: Exploring the Use of WLTS to Enhance Learning Patsy Leung
Growth in Mathematics Cognitive and Content Domains: A 6-Year Longitudinal Study Magdalena Mok,
Jinxin Zhu,
Dennis McInerney & Anthony Chi Ming Or


三維空間的投影與交角:學習難點、教具使用與教學設計 柯志明
針對學習難點的教學設計─解一元一次方程 程翠娟、葉詠欣 [Download]
輕輕鬆鬆eLearning:小學數學科「網上學與教支援」的GeoGebraBooks 電子書 柯志明、程翠娟 [Download]