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Acknowledgements  鳴謝  
Making Assessment Work in Practice Maurice Galton
Effect of Academic Goal Orientation, Goal Setting,  and Planning on Academic Achievement of   Secondary Students in Hong Kong Jinxin Zhu &
Magdalena Mo Ching Mok
Cognitive Load Factors in Formatting Assessment  Items Slava Kalyuga &
Chee Ha Lee
善用評估數據以優化教與學 麥志強
閱我深情:師生互動閱讀策略教學課程成效 羅燕琴、張麗英
說話能力的評估與學習 林偉業、潘溫文、
淺談評估量表的設計誤區 梁佩雲
香港語文課程聽說範疇的思考 黃潔貞
小學中國語文科網上說話教學課件的設計及應用 鄭韶娟、何文駿、
How Vocabulary Testing Supports Learning and Teaching Arthur McNeill
The Study of Using Assessment Data to Enhance Learning and Teaching (English Language Education) Anthony Kin Kwok Tong & Flora Fung Yin Leung
Using Assessment Data to Investigate the   Relationship Between Speaking and Writing Amy Kwai Mun Cheung  & Flora FungYin Leung
Assessment for Learning: Collaborative Research   and Professional Development Projects in School Context Martin Kar Kin Ma,
Whitney Tin Chee Chan & William Yiu Man Lee
Design of Web-based Support Materials to Address Learning Difficulties – Vocabulary Building Skills Karen Kar Ying Law & Flora Fung Yin Leung
Understanding Students’ Concepts of Slope Using Diagnostic Tasks Arthur Man Sang Lee,
Anthony Chi Ming Or & Cherie Chui Kuen Ching
Pedagogical Design Focusing on Learning  Difficulties – Area of Circles Anthony Chi Ming Or
針對學習難點的教學設計 — 分數乘法 柯志明
針對學習難點的教學設計 — 分數除法 程翠娟、柯志明