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Preface Maurice Galton
Assessment For Learning; Assessment As Learning: Changing Practices Means Changing Beliefs Lorna M. Earl
Imagining Education Tailored to Assessment As, For, and Of Learning: Theory, Standards, and Quality Improvement William P. Fisher, Jr.
The Use of CADATS to Establish an Item Bank for Formative Assessment in Primary Schools Qingping He, Peter Tymms &
See Ming Tsui
Implementing Assessment for Learning: An Application of the Rasch Model for the Construction of a Mathematics Assessment to Inform Learning Jingjing Yao & Magdalena Mo Ching Mok
The Assessment as Learning (AaL) Framework for Teaching and Learning – The AaL Wheel Rita Berry
教育的成功與成功教育─課堂教學的反思 莊紹文
Chinese Language:
閱讀理解評估素養 ─ 閱讀篇章特徵在擬題中的位置 林偉業
評估量表對促進學習的作用 梁佩雲
促進中文科讀寫教學的評估實踐 房湘雲
English Language
Formative Assessment and Effective Teaching and Learning: Consolidating Gains from Singapore, Brunei and Hong Kong Seok Moi Ng
Using Vocabulary Profiling Assessment Software to Promote Independent Process Writing Arthur McNeill
Stop Being Composition Slaves Icy Lee
Writing ePlatform: A Corpus-based Resource to Support Learning and Assessment in Writing Sean McMinn &
Flora Fung Yin Leung
Using SP Xpress as an Analysis Tool to Enhance the Learning and Teaching of Reading in English Language Zoe So Yee Chan
Investigation in Learning and Teaching of Graphs of Linear Equations in Two Unknowns Arthur Man Sang Lee & Anthony Chi Ming Or
Designing Tasks for Visualization and Reasoning in Dynamic Geometry Environment Anthony Chi Ming Or
針對學習難點的教學設計 ─ 四邊形的特性 程翠娟、柯志明