What is WLTS?

The Web-based Learning and Teaching Support (WLTS) website is set up by the Education Bureau (EDB). It is an integral part of the BCA project.


To support teachers in providing timely assistance to students who need help in achieving the Basic Competencies (BCs) in the Key Learning Areas of Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics.

Mode of Support

  1. To provide some possible problems identified in certain competency areas for teachers' reference;
  2. To provide interactive exercises and games, which have been developed to address the learning problems, for students to step up self-learning online.
  3. To suggest follow-up actions or learning and teaching activities/materials for teachers’ reference or use in addressing the learning problems.

Users' Guide

Please note the following in using the suggested actions and materials provided in Web-based Learning and Teaching Support:

  1. The list of possible problems is for teachers' reference only. Teachers are encouraged to consider the evidence of learning collected by various means (E.g. classroom observations, learning tasks, school level tests and examinations, Student Assessment, Territory-wide System Assessment, etc.) to decide on what follow-up actions they will take to address students' learning needs.
  2. Teachers can always adapt the learning and teaching activities or materials to cater for the needs of their students.
  3. Teachers can also develop their own to cater for the specific needs, interests and abilities of their students.

What are BCs?

Basic Competencies are the essential knowledge / skills acquired by students in relation to the learning targets and objectives set out in the curriculum for each Key Stage. The Basic Competencies represent just part of the curriculum requirement. Details can be obtained at the website http://cd1.edb.hkedcity.net/cd/eap_web/bca/index3.htm.

What is BCA?

The Basic Competency Assessment (BCA) comprises the Student Assessment (SA) and the Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA).

The SA is a web-based assessment service to help teachers understand students' learning in relation to the Basic Competencies in the subjects of Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics at Key Stages 1-3. Schools may use the service at their discretion to help identify students' strengths and areas for improvement. Teachers may obtain more information about the service and get access to it from the website https://www.bca.hkeaa.edu.hk/.

The TSA is an assessment administered at the territory level by the Government. It is to provide feedback to schools about their standards in the three subjects of Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics by the end of the key stages, so that schools could draw up plans to enhance effectiveness in learning and teaching. The territory-wide data also help the Government to review policies and to provide focused support to schools. Further information can be obtained from the website http://www.bca.hkeaa.edu.hk/web/TSA/en/Introduction.html.