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Learning and Teaching Activity – A Story about Bobby

Learning Target for Key Stage 1:

ESb - To respond to characters and events in simple imaginative and other narrative texts through oral, written and performative means such as making predictions

Learning objectives:

Text Types


Language Items and Communicative Functions

Language Skills


Generic Skills

- stories

- action verbs
e.g. tripped
- words describing objects e.g. sharp

- use the simple present tense to talk about present states
- use the simple past tense to talk about past activities and states

- Reading
- Writing
- Speaking

- develop confidence in using English
- develop sensitivity towards language use in the process of communication

- problem-solving skills
- creativity

Related Basic Competencies:

Using a small range of reading strategies to understand the meaning of short and simple texts with the help of cues
L2-W-3-P3BC: Writing and / or responding to short and simple texts with relevant information and ideas (including personal experiences and imaginative ideas ) with the help of cues
Providing short answers to short and simple questions





For students'self-access

Part 1


An interactive activity: Bobby Needs Help
Learners are guided to predict the content of a story and follow the development of the story in their reading.


Part 2


Activity Plan



A classroom activity: Talking about Bobby

Learners watch the animation of a story to predict the development with the help of Teacher's contextual questions.


Part 3


Activity Plan

A classroom activity: What Happens to Bobby?
Learners match sentence strips with pictures and fill an empty speech bubble to complete the story using their imaginative ideas.