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Learning and Teaching Activity – Fun with Sounds

Learning Targets for Key Stage 1:

KSf - To recognize some obvious features of the English Language in simple spoken and written texts such as the direction of writing in English, the characteristics of an alphabetic script and the sound patterns of English; and apply this awareness to one's initial learning and use of the language
ESa - To develop an awareness and an enjoyment of the basic sound patterns of English in imaginative texts through activities such as participating in action rhymes, singing songs and choral speaking


Learning Objectives:

Text Types Vocabulary Language Items and Communicative Functions Language Skills Attitudes Generic Skills
- rhymes



- Listening
- Reading


- appreciate the beauty of the language


Related Basic Competencies:
L2-L-1-P3BC: Discriminating between common words with a range of vowel and consonant sounds
L2-L-2-P3BC: Recognizing repeated expressions in short and simple literary / imaginative spoken texts
Reading aloud unfamiliar words with a small range of vowel and consonant sounds in short and simple texts
Imitating stress, rhythm and intonation






For students’ self-access

Part 1

Activity Plan


Sound File of the Rhyme

A classroom activity: Card Game

Learners listen to and discriminate some initial consonants, final consonants and middle vowels in rhymes.


Part 2

Activity Plan

A classroom activity: Making a Word Tree

Learners are guided to think of some words with the same letter sound to make a word tree.


Part 3

Activity Plan


Sound File of 'Teddy Bear'


Sound File of 'I caught a fish'


A classroom activity: Let’s Chant!

Learners are helped to develop an enjoyment of the basic sound patterns of English through chanting.