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Learning and Teaching Activity – More about Sounds

Learning Targets for Key Stage 2:

KSf - to understand some aspects of how the English language works, including how grammatical features contribute to meaning and how simple texts are organized; and apply this understanding to one's learning and use of the language


Learning Objectives:

Text Types


Language Items and Communicative Functions

Language Skills


Generic Skills

- rhymes
- poem

- some words with initial consonant p,
final consonant p, consonant blend pl and consonant digraph ph
- some words with the long vowels a, e, i, o and u


- Listening
- Reading

- develop sensitivity towards language use in the process of communication

- communication skills

Related Basic Competencies:

L3-L-1-P6BC: Discriminating between words with a range of vowel and consonant sounds
Understanding the use of a small range of language features in simple literary / imaginative spoken texts
Reading aloud unfamiliar words with a range of vowel and consonant sounds in simple texts





For students'self-access

Part 1

An interactive activity: Peter the Acrobat
Learners help Peter the Acrobat make successful performances by identifying different sound features of the letter sound 'p'.


Part 2


Activity Plan

A classroom activity: Beauty of Rhymes
Learners are guided to discriminate between the long vowel sounds in some words by understanding and reading aloud the poems.