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Learning and Teaching Activity ”V Saving Princess Nancy


Module: Fun and Games

Suggested Level: Key Stage 1

Learning Targets for Key Stage 1:

ISb -  

To converse about feelings, interests and experiences

KSa -

To provide or find out, organize and present information on familiar topics

KSb -

To interpret and use simple given information through processes, or activities such as labelling, matching, sequencing, describing, classifying; and to follow simple instructions

ESc -

To give expression to imaginative ideas through oral, written and performative means

Learning objectives:


Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Task 4

Text Types







-Fairy tales









e.g. wavy, curly, bald, scar, freckles, slim




e.g. gentle, friendly, brave



Clothing and Accessories

e.g. crown, slippers, gloves, necklace, earrings




e.g. kidnap, witch, castle, guard, fire-breathing, nightingale


Language Items and Communicative Functions

Use adjectives to describe people”¦s appearance and personality

Language Skills


-Work out the meaning of the unknown words by using context and knowledge of the world

-Scan for specific information in a short text in response to questions



-Locate specific information in spoken texts


-Present information and ideas clearly and coherently by using a small range of language patterns such as structural pattern


Related Basic Competencies:


Using a small range of strategies to understand the meaning of short and simple texts on familiar topics which are delivered clearly in familiar accents


Using a small range of reading strategies to understand the meaning of short, simple texts with the help of cues 


Writing and / or responding to short and simple texts with relevant information and ideas (including personal experiences and imaginative ideas ) with the help of cues


Writing short and simple texts using a small range of vocabulary, sentence patterns and cohesive devices fairly appropriately with the help of cues despite some spelling and grammatical mistakes.






For students'self-access

Part 1









Interactive Activity I: Knowing Princess Nancy

Learners are asked to identify the features of Princess Nancy and produce the picture of her according to the description of her appearance and personality. This helps learners to develop the ability to scan for specific information and predict the meaning of unfamiliar words by using contextual clues.




Part 2  







Interactive Activity II: Finding Princess Nancy


Learners have to listen to the instruction given by the fairy and identify the particular persons who can help out among the people the prince meets on his way to the castle.  This helps learners to develop the ability to listen for specific information.




Part 3


PowerPoint Presentation



Activity Plan


A Classroom Activity: Guess Who! (with a PowerPoint presentation)

Learners are asked to use more than one adjective in a sentence to describe people”¦s appearance and personality through whole-class interactive activity and group work. They also learn to arrange the adjectives in a proper order before a noun.




Part 4


PowerPoint Presentation


Activity Plan


Writing Activity : Tell Me about Princess Henry

Learners have to imagine themselves as Princess Nancy and write a letter to Princess Sally introducing Prince Henry. The use of concept maps and process writing strategies would be explored.




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