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Learning and Teaching Activity – Sight Word Park (Trial)

Module: Fun and Games
Suggested Level: Key Stage 1

Learning Targets for Key Stage 1:
- ISa
To establish and maintain relationships and routines in carrying out classroom activities
- KSf
To recognize some obvious features of the English Language in simple spoken and written texts such as the direction of writing in English, the characteristics of an alphabetic script and the sound patterns of English; and apply this awareness to one’s initial learning and use of the language
- ESb
To respond to characters and events in simple imaginative and other narrative texts through oral, written and performative means


Learning Objectives:
Text Types
  • Stories
  • Picture dictionaries

Vocabulary Building Skills

  • Building a sight word bank
  • Using and making dictionaries
  • Making word cards

Vocabulary Items

220 sight words and 95 high-frequency nouns from the Dolch word list


Language Items and Communicative Functions
  • Use adjectives to describe people, animals, objects and conditions
  • Use the possessive adjectives 'my, our, your, his, her, its, their' to show possession or connection
Language Skills


  • Understand the basic conventions of written English
    • sight read common, phonically irregular words, e.g. are, a, you
    • recognize known clusters of letters in unknown words, e.g. in, chin, thin
    • recognize familiar words in new texts
    • use basic conventions of written English and prior knowledge of known words to read aloud short, simple texts


  • Present information, ideas and feelings clearly and coherently
    • pronounce correctly letters of the alphabet and words in isolation,
Relevant Basic Competency Descriptors
Showing a basic understanding of short, simple and familiar texts by reading aloud the texts clearly and comprehensibly


Pronouncing simple and familiar words comprehensibly
Activity Description
Suggested Duration (minutes)
For Students Self-access

Classroom Activity

Resource Pack

A Diagnostic Tool

The Best Thing in the World

Sight Word Cards

Level 1
Word Doc
PPT (alphbetical)

Level 2
Word Doc
PPT (alphbetical)

Level 3
Word Doc
PPT (alphbetical)

Level 4
Word Doc
PPT (alphbetical)

Level 5
Word Doc
PPT (alphbetical)


Sight Word Resource Pack

The pack contains useful sight word activity ideas with guides and ready-to-use materials for teachers to adopt, adapt or integrate into everyday English lessons.

It also includes a note for parents to promote the involvement of them in assisting learners to master sight words and to build up a solid vocabulary foundation for reading success.

The pack includes:

  • A Note to Teachers
  • A Note to Parents
  • How to Use This Unit
  • The Dolch Sight Word List
    • Sight Word Cards
    • Sight Word Dictionary
  • Key Activity: Ten Sight Words a Week
  • Supplementary Activities:
    1. Bang. Zap, Pow!
    2. Sight Word Slap
    3. Sight Word Slap (Teamwork)
    4. Sight Word Fishing
    5. Picture / Phrase Match
    6. Bingo!
    7. Word Wall – Apple Picking
    8. Sight Word Twister
  • Exemplar: Teaching Sight Words in Context
  • Assessment Tool:
    A Story Text Covering All Dolch Sight Words – The Best Thing in the World
  • Online Resources

Interactive Activity


User Guide


Online Game: Sight Word Park

Learners get familiarized with groups of sight words through four interactive games. By editing the word lists of each game, teachers can create their own version of the games with different target words:

  1. Water Splash: Look for words from the word search puzzle.

    Game Mode:
    Easy (Level 1-2)
    Pro (Level 3-5)

  2. Sight Word Hunter: Listen to a word and shoot at the correct cardboard animal.

    Game Mode:
    Easy (Level 1-3)
    Pro (Level 4-5)

  3. The Spelling Cannon: Letters in words are either missing (easy) or mixed up (pro). Choose the correct letters / words to complete the game.

    Game Mode:
    Easy (Level 1-5 -- Fill in the blanks)
    Pro (Level 1-5 -- Mixed up letters)

  4. Sight Word Express: Each train car carries a word to form a sentence. 'Load' a word to the empty car to complete the sentence. A correct sentence will start the train.

Game Mode:
Easy (Level 1-3)
Pro (Level 4-5)


Useful Online Resource

Mrs Perkin Dolch Words
A website dedicated to providing teachers and parents with everything they need to teach Dolch sight words to their children.

Education Bureau

Resource Package on Enhancing English Vocabulary Learning and Teaching at Primary Level

Primary Literacy Programme -- Reading and Writing (KS1)


TVOKids > Games
Marvellous Words
Match the words to add to Melvin's Word Wall. The highlight of word shape helps practice sight recognition of high frequency words.

Starfall's Learn to Read with phonics > Learn to Read > Sight Word
Make a Match

Click the cards and see if they match.

BBC Schools > Words and Pictures > High Frequency Words
Star Words
Drag the words to the correct shape. Teachers can alter the game setting so that the target words can be used in the game.

BBC Schools > Dynamo’s > Den
Spell against the clock! Learners look carefully at the word. The letters are then mixed up and learners rearrange the letters to make the word.

ICT Games > Literacy
Dinosaur Eggs
Listen to the word and choose the egg that shows that word.

Dolch Word Games
A collection of games from matching, hangman, rearranging sentence to animated stories that cover all the Dolch words.

Resources for parents:

eHow > Home > Education > Learning to Read > Sight Words
Sight-Word Activities for Parents

Ezine Articles
HOME > Home and Family > Early Childhood Education
Teaching Sight Words - Quick Tips for Parents Helping Their Children Learn to Read



We are most grateful to the owner of for giving us the premission to use the audio files of the Dolch words and to adapt the story -- The Best Thing in the World for this unit.

Every effort has been made to trace copyright. In the event of any accidental infringement where it has proved untraceable, we shall be pleased to come to a suitable arrangement with the owner.