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Learning and Teaching Activity – Travelling Abroad

Learning Targets for Key Stage 2 :

KSb - to interpret and use simple given information through processes or activities such as matching, sequencing, describing, classifying, comparing, explaining, predicting, drawing conclusions; and to follow instructions
KSc - to identify ideas in simple spoken and written texts, form opinions and express them
ISb - to converse about feelings, interests, preferences, ideas, experiences and plans
ISd - to participate with others in making choices and decisions for carrying out events
ESb - to respond to characters and events in imaginative and other narrative texts through oral, written and performative means
ESd - to give expression to one's experience through activities such as providing simple oral and written accounts of events and one's reactions to them

Learning Objectives:

Text Types


Language Items and Communicative Functions

Language Skills


Generic Skills

- conversations

- countries e.g. Japan, India, Thailand
-  food
e.g. sushi, chicken curry, fruits

- use the simple present tense to express thoughts

- Listening
- Speaking

- develop sensitivity towards language use in the process of communication

- communication

Related Basic Competencies:

L4-L-3-P6BC: Using a range of strategies to understand the meaning of simple texts on familiar topics which are delivered clearly in familiar accents
L3-S-3-P6BC: Providing and/or exchanging (asking and answering) simple information and ideas (including personal experiences, imaginative ideas and evaluative remarks), and attempting to provide some elaboration with the help of cues
L3-S-5-P6BC: Using formulaic expressions to establish and maintain relationships / interaction with the help of cues





For students'self-access

Part 1


Activity Plan

A classroom activity: Favourite Places for a Holiday
Through the pre-listening, while-listening and post-listening tasks, learners are guided to develop their ability to listen for detail and to widen their knowledge about travelling. The listening task also encourages them to use visual and contextual clues to understand a simple spoken text.


Part 2

An interactive activity: Travelling Abroad
This is to help learners develop the ability to listen for detail and to encourage them to use visual and contextual clues to understand a simple spoken text.