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Learning and Teaching Activity – Yummy, Yummy, Let’s Eat!


Learning Targets for Key Stage 2 :

ISd - to participate with others in making choices and decisions for carrying out events
KSa - to provide or find out, organize and present information on familiar topics
ESd -
to give expression to one's experience through activities

Learning Objectives:

Text Types


Language Items and Communicative Functions

Language Skills


Generic Skills

- cartoons
- stories
- menus


names of food
e.g. chicken

- use some determiners
“a few, a little, enough, too many, too much, a lot of” to show quantities





- Writing
- Speaking


- develop sensitivity towards language use in the process of communication
- communication skills
- collaboration skills
- creativity

Related Basic Competencies:

L4-L-3-P6BC: Using a range of strategies to understand the meaning of simple texts on familiar topics which are delivered clearly in familiar accents
L3-R-5-P6BC: Using a range of reading strategies to understand the meaning of simple texts with the help of cues
L3-W-3-P6BC: Writing and/or responding to simple texts with relevant information and ideas with the help of cues
L3-S-3-P6BC: Providing and/or exchanging simple information and ideas, and attempting to provide some elaboration with the help of cues
L3-S-5-P6BC: Using formulaic expressions to establish and maintain relationships / interaction with the help of cues





For students'self-access

Part 1

An interactive activity: Food Stories
Learners identify some syntactic relationships between determiners and nouns when reading short text


Part 2

An interactive activity: Lunch Today
Learners use contextual and linguistic clues to understand stories.


Part 3

Activity Plan

A classroom activity: Making Suggestions
on What to Eat

Learners, in groups, study short descriptions and a menu for specific information in order to make decisions. Then they write down suggestions.