Siu Ming woke up at eight o'clock yesterday morning.

He was very late for school.

Help Siu Ming find his uniform.

He dressed quickly and rushed out to the bus stop.

Click on the bus stop to see what happened.

When he saw a bus stopping on the opposite side of the

road, he rushed to it immediately.

At that moment, a motorbike came round the corner of the

street at high speed.

Click on the motorbike to see what happened to Siu Ming.

Siu Ming was knocked down. His leg bled.

The motorcyclist called the police immediately.

After a few minutes, Siu Ming was taken to hospital in an ambulance.
What did he learn from this accident?
He learned a lesson.

He always remembers to wait for the green man at the zebra

crossing when he wants to cross the road. He should also look

left and right to make sure there are no cars coming.