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Welcome to my shop. My name’s Tony. You can ask me any questions you want to know about fashion.
Well, I like my shirt because I look smart in it.
No, not really. It is nice but it's a bit tight for me. Therefore, I don't wear it too often.
Hmm, I wear them because I can look taller.
No, I don't. Although they make me look taller, I don't feel comfortable in them. I can't walk fast with them.
Oh my trousers... Right, I bought them a year ago when they first came into the market. Since then, I've sold a lot of these trousers to my customers.
You are right. A famous movie star wore this kind of sunglasses in a movie last year. Since then, a lot of young people have come to my shop buying them.
Thanks, Andy.
Thank you. Let's start with what you are wearing now.
Your shirt looks nice. Can you say something about it?
... And it fits you so well.
How about your shoes? Why do you wear this kind of shoes?
Oh, I see. I think you like them very much.
Your trousers are wonderful. Can you say something about them?
You have quite a lot of sunglasses in your shop. Are they a fashion now?
Yeah, you look really cool!