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Learning and Teaching Activity - Travelling around Hong Kong

Learning Target for Key Stage 1:
ISb -
To exchange ideas and information and to converse about feelings, interests and experiences
KSa -
To provide or find out, interpret and use information and to provide and find out and present simple information on familiar topics
Learning Objectives:
Text Types Vocabulary Language Items and Communicative Functions Language Skills Attitudes Generic Skills
  • Hiking Guide
  • Words related to hiking/travelling
  • Read simple descriptions of places
  • Reading
  • With respect for the environment
  • Develop Information skills

Stage Description Material Duration (lesson)
Lead-in + Pre-reading Learners watch a video to get to know the idea of hiking and different hiking places in Hong Kong. Learners learn Vocabulary items related to hiking through the use of PPT and Quizlet. Worksheets/PPT
While-reading Learners read a hiking guide.
Learners work on reading comprehension worksheets.
Post-reading Learners are engaged in a reading comprehension task to consolidate the targeted reading skills. PPT